Quality Liquid Feeds

QLF manufactures the largest range of liquid animal feeds in the UK. Our products have undergone over 35 years of development and are at the forefront of liquid feed technology today.

Whether you are an existing customer, or are considering the use of liquid feeds, QLF liquid supplements can provide a variety of benefits to livestock by increasing the energy density of the ration and improving ration palatability and rumen function.

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Our Testimonials

  • "We run 3 Buschhoff mobile mill’s and since using QLF Supracoat have had no build-up of product; the augers have stayed perfectly clean"

    Les Woodhouse

  • "We use QLF liquid supplements in all of our livestock rations and it now forms an integral part of all diets"

    Andrew Wright - Tixall Jerseys, Stafford

  • "Since using QLF i have seen an improved performance of the whole diet"

    Liam Phillips - Burgedin Holsteins

  • "We have fed QLF Energizer for the last 12 years and it is a intrinsic part of our dairy rations."

    Simon Heath - Stockton Grange.

  • "I use QLF Organi-Mol to increase the energy of the diet; it has really worked well"

    Michael Sainsbury

  • "Using QLF Ewe Energy has increased the energy density of the ration and we have had a significant reduction in twin lamb disease"

    Alexander Crichton

  • “The beef cattle have never looked and done so well since we started feeding QLF some 4 years ago”

    Stan Prince of Kings Bromley, Staffs.

  • QLF = Quick, Little Fuss

    Antony Millington

  • Increasing intakes was paramount for us and using QLF TMR40 ensured we did this aswell as increasing herd productivity. We have used QLF for some years now and are extremley pleased with the outcome.

    Tom Angwin

  • We have been really impressed with the results since using QLF. Not only that, but the service has been excellent too.

    Ian, Steph, Tom & Natalie Sharman

  • Since changing to QLF liquid in the beef ration, we have saved 8 pence per head per day and Daily Live Weight Gain has increased by 0.2kg per head per day!

    Robin Higgott

  • We are delighted with the improved condition and growth rates of our cattle since introducing Hipro 60 to our finishing rations.

    Philip and Nigel Potter of Ashbourne, Derbyshire

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